Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A couple of Christmas Gifts

There is a wonderful older couple in my ward that I wanted to make a little Christmas gift for. Usually I make a plate of goodies to share, but this couple is watching their sugar, so I knew that my stand-by gift wasn't going to work for them. I went to the many blogs that I love and found this tutorial on Make it Do: Cozy Bed Warmers.

It was the perfect gift. The tutorial was easy to follow and it was the perfect nap time craft. I loved them so much that I ended up making 5 of time. I was only planning on making 4, but then my DH wanted to try one, to make sure that they didn't explode in the microwave (which they don't). Well he ended up loving it that he asked if I could make him one as well.

Then while I was looking at all the cute crafts on Make it Do, I came across these cute Christmas Hair Clips.

I had so much fun making the Thanksgiving Hair Clips of my nieces that I decide to make them some Christmas ones as well. I had everything on hand, but the gold button. I didn't end up using Calli's template, but I followed the rest of her tutorial. The template I followed is found here at Wee Folk Art.

And since I went up to Utah the week before Christmas I was able to give them to my nieces myself. I think I have the three cutest nieces in the world. But, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them wearing them, but trust me they looked cute.

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