Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Crafts

I wanted the boys to understand how truly blessed they are, so I made these thanks giving boards. The tree and leaves printouts came from Chocolate on My Cranium. She prints these out for each of her children. Since my kids are really young, I thought we would have family trees.
I got the cookie sheets from the dollar store. Then I spray painted them with brown spray paint. I used mod podge and scrapbooking paper to framed the tree. Then I sprayed the whole thing again with clear spray paint.

Then each day the kids get to add leaves(which are magnets) to the trees. On the "Thanks" tree- they add leaves for different items that they are thankful for. And on the "Giving" tree they add leaves for the different acts of service they give.
All the extra leaves are on the other side of the cookie sheet for storage. The one thing I have left to do is drill two holes and hang ribbon on them, so that can be hung on the walls.

I also made this turkey hair pins. I saw the idea on Nancy's Couture and thought it was so cute. I ended up making four. (one of me and one for each of my three nieces)
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

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Alison said...

Wow! I love your idea for using a cookie sheet tree! I had no idea you could spray paint a cookie sheet so easily. Anyway, they turned out adorable! And if I had a girl, I would definitely be making those turkey hair pins, too! Thanks for linking up to my Thanksgiving feast!!