Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Dress for Ashleigh

I have recently decided to no longer wait for a little girl to use all the wonderful dress patterns I have collected throughout the year. I have decided that I have three beautiful nieces that can be my models for now. So this is the first dress that I made for my oldest niece-Ashleigh (she is four years old-about two months older then Hunter). Even though I got the Ashleigh's measurements from her mother, I was still so worried that it wouldn't fit her. I was so please to find out that it fit her perfectly and Ashleigh wrote me the sweetest little note in thanks, that I have read many times since the day that I received it. For this dress I used the wonderful pattern for MADE-Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie. The pattern was easy to follow and the best thing about it is that it is a ratio pattern, so I can use the same pattern to make a dress for me, which I plan on doing so soon.

Here is a close up of the shirring.

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